Avoid Getting Sued When Dropshipping

In this one we’re going to be talking about how to avoid getting sued on Shopify so as somebody who’s been drop shipping now for over three years I know a thing or two about getting sued and the sorts of things you can do to protect yourself from lawsuits so what kind of images you can use where to source those images what kind of products you can sell because it was actually about six or seven months into my drop shipping journey in which I got contacted from a company threatening to sue me if I didn’t change the name of all my social media pages of my site pretty much everything so it was at that point then which I was forced to seek my own legal advice and basically just take the time to get myself clued up about the kind of images you can use when it comes to logos when it comes to type of products and the sorts of things you can and can’t actually get sued for so in this blog then I’m going to be addressing the three kind of most popular questions I get asked on this topic which are number one can you use Aliexpress product images number two can you sell trademarked items and then number three can you use copyrighted images and if you can’t then where to actually saw those images so that sets up the blog

let’s get straight into question number one so questionable and then can you get sued using the images the product images you find on Aliexpress now Before we jump into this I just want to very quickly say I’m not a solicitor I’m not a lawyer so if there’s anything you’re unsure of then I recommend speaking to a professional or at least doing your own research on Google back when somebody threatened me I was able to find out some pretty decent information online but then just to double back that up then I found a couple of companies that were willing to do free consultations or free initial consultations over the phone for about 10 15 minutes and it turned out that was all I needed to basically tell this woman to go away anyway that’s another story for another blog maybe if you want more details on that then leave a comment down below and I can do a blog specifically on that one story anyway when it comes to using the images from Aliexpress then you do have to be careful in certain situations so when most people think of China they know it’s the place where you can get a pretty much knockoff anything when I went there was markets that were literally miles long selling knockoff Rolex watches knockoff tag hers they were selling knockoff Yeezys just pretty much anything fake you can pretty much source from China so their trade marking laws their copyright laws they’re not as strict as they are in the Western world so when it comes to using their images then you do have to be careful sometimes because they may have just rather than taking their own images they may have gone onto Instagram or Facebook and taken another company’s so to give you an example then

Disclaimer: Note, these are just some of the things that i’ve learnt from my experience for a better and more explicit note on legal matters, you should definitely consult an actual legal consultant

let’s jump into my computer and I just want to show you this product here then which is this camera mug as you can see there’s no brand names there’s nothing like that the images are pretty generic they don’t have any faces in so when it comes to using product images like this just generic ones them with a white background then you’re going to be absolutely fine however to give you an example then of one where you have to be careful if you’re in the fashion niche or if you’re selling any product that features a model showing their face like this for example then you have to be careful because you don’t know where they have sourced that image from so one thing you can do then is if you open up the product page save the image or take a screenshot of it then head over to Google Image Search you can actually use Google to search the internet for images which is what I did for this product here and these are the results here as you can see there’s some very similar ones there’s the exact one there but then if we scroll down look at all the different pages which are using this exact it’s the same image so you have to be careful here because because you don’t know who owns the rights to that image the last thing you want to do is make a hundred K off a particular products using somebody else’s image for them to pursue you lawfully and if it can be proven that you’ve made that 100 K using one of their images then you can be entitled to have to repay that money so just be very careful if you’re unsure after all of this then make sure you contact the supplier and say where did you source your images from anyway will that be something guys let’s move into question number two which is can you sell trademarked items the answer to this question is quick and simple which is a flat No or you can but again if you get found out any money you made through selling these trademarked items you can be liable to repay Plus if Facebook find out they will show your ad account down straight away and you might have difficulties trying to open a new one so what are exactly then trade marked items let’s jump into my computer again and just show you so anything that comes with a brand or logo or anything like that on so for example the good one is Harry Potter because there’s so many different Harry Potter items on Aliexpress so for example if we just have a flick through there’s just hundreds and hundreds so if you get caught sand in any of these items without the required license then you could be liable to pay some significant amount of money if you’re ever unsure whether a particular brand is trademarked one thing you can do then is head over to the governor for certain trademarks you can put in a certain image so let’s just show you the process from the beginning so can search for a trademark we’ve got words we’ve got trademarks words we’ve got classifications but if we just put Harry Potter in here hit enter it might take a while because there’s quite a few different trademarks to search and by the way this will just be for the UK if you want to sell within a different country then obviously you’ll have to check the trademarks in that country but if we just have a look through here we can see there’s your trademark here for anything with a marks text of Harry Potter the same registered Harry Potter and we can keep going through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter an order of Phoenix so trying to sell any products in relation to this this one is actually a logo itself which we saw if we go back to the Express we can see there were certain products with the actual Harry Potter oh go on so if you get caught and found out sending any of these products with that marked text or that logo then again you can be susceptible to some kind of lawsuit and with that being said then guys let’s move on to the third and final question which is how do you avoid using copyrighted images so you’re not liable to some kind of lawsuit and you don’t have to risk again sued so if you’re going to Google them for example like this and we’re just put in golf we can go to images then some of these will be copyrighted and if you get caught using them you may have somebody send you a letter saying you are worth ten thousand dollars or whatever it is believe it or not there are actually companies that do that for a full-time living they’ll go out there and they’ll take hundreds and thousands of different stock images put load them all onto the internet and then basically just on a daily basis try and capture people out using them and then send them letters I’ve seen it before in facebook groups you might have seen it yourself so you have to make sure that the images you’re using on your site copyrighted and there’s a couple of ways you can do that number one is you can use Shopify zone service themselves it’s called burst my shop burst shop for calm and as you can see all the images on here are free to use but also free for commercial use which is the key thing here because there are two different laws one which is for personal use which is fine but then if you are using them for commercial purpose then that is a different trademark law so whatever images you use you have to make sure that they’re free and okay for commercial use as well so to do this using Google then one thing you can do is if you go back to the main Google search go to settings on the bottom right here go to advanced search we can put golf in here now again but what we’re gonna do here is in the usage rights it’s just make sure we’ve got free to use share or modify and put even commercially as well click advanced search go to images and now all of these images here will be absolutely fine to use and with that being said than guys I just want to end the blog by saying I’m not a lawyer I’m not a solicitor so if you are unsure about anything then please do make sure you seek your own legal advice anyway that’s it for today’s blog

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