Avoid These Things In 2021 (Dropshipping)

I want to talk to you about drop shipping and the fact that it’s getting more and more difficult for a couple of reasons really but mainly because the actual competition amount of people actually searching for drop shipping and actually doing drop shipping is increasing and the same can be said for Facebook ads as well just a quick search online you can see more and more people are searching for Facebook ads and there are more and more people coming onto the platform and actually advertising on Facebook as well since about 2013-14 I’ll put some screenshots up you can see that the amount of people actually advertising on Facebook is increasing by about a million people year-on-year so more and more people are dropship and then more and more people are advertising on Facebook how on earth are we going to be successful what are the kind of things that we can do to make sure that we stand out from the crowd and people buy from us and not somebody else so they’re going to be the kind of things

So number one than guys I’ve got some notes on my phone by the way so forgive me if I keep looking down but number one then is the products you sell so the reason this is so important is because the very first time somebody sees you and your brand and your product the first thing they’re gonna notice is what you’re trying to sell then the actual product and if you’re sending the same products as everybody else it and they’ve perhaps seen that same product in an ad but from a different company once twice even three times that day before they see yours you’re just gonna blend in with everybody else and you’re not going to capture their attention at the end of the day you’re advertising on Facebook on social media platform people’s attention are gonna be all over the place especially in today’s world and there’s so many different things that could happen on somebody’s phone or in their life that could distract them unless you do something that just warrants some sort of reaction or connection with the person who sees your ad they’re just gonna keep swiping past it and they’re not even going to notice it so number one is the products you sell try and find products that aren’t your everyday products or stereotypical drop shipping products because they’re the ones that when people see them if they haven’t seen them before there’s going to they’re going to get more attention than if they have seen them before and this can apply to many many things as well so just to give you an example if you think about a viral video that went around the internet the reason it’s gone viral is because initially nobody had seen it so when they first see it they have that connection that reaction to it and they want to share their friends but once they’ve seen it once twice even three times then they kind of become numb to it and kind of dull to it because they’ve already seen it they already know what to expect and people will have the same reaction to your product if they’ve already seen it half a dozen times before so the actual product you’re selling is very very important and the way you advertise it is probably more so important you need a product that not many people have seen before and you also need to advertise it in a way that captures people’s attention and forces them to have that connection and reaction with it so that they want to share it on social media where advertising on a social media platform and you need to take advantage of that you people can share your ad to the average Facebook user I say this all the time but it’s so true the average Facebook user has two to three hundred friends so if they share it that’s potentially another two to three hundred people that will see your ad so that is the importance take advantage of that create an ad that has that connection with your customer has that emotional reaction that forces them to want to share it with their friends and the chances are as well if you’re advertising in a niche to a particular person that their friends are also within that niche and also may be interested in your product so number one then is have a really good product try and find one that not many people have seen before or at least try and do it in a slightly different way so it could be a slightly different design or some sort of bundle offer or slightly different color and then when it comes to advertising as well be professional about it invest in the actual product itself get it delivered to your door film a really good ad or better yet pay professional to do it moving on to number two then guys we have customer service and interaction so every time you interact with a customer or provide some sort of service then it’s a chance to build a relationship and Trust with your customer and trust me the relationships you have with your customers are more important than you can ever imagine just to give you an example then of how powerful this is I’ll follow Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube and I watch this interview he did with a restaurant and this restaurant owner conducted his own experiments and he found out that if you can provide good service to somebody on average of three times then in effect you’ll have a customer for life and I want you guys to apply that to your ecommerce businesses as well is that trying port your brand and your vision your products in front of somebody at these three times and try and actually interact with them like a human being it doesn’t even have to be relatable to the product simply ask somebody how their day was one thing or that strategy I like to implement then is that when I’m running ads I always make sure that the last comment is from the page so the page I’m actually running it from and you simply ask a question like what’s everybody up to this weekend or comment below we want to know what breed of dog do you have and a really good one that works really really well is post a picture of your dog below in the comment section for a chance to win this products for free and that’s getting people engaging with you ad posting pictures of their dog everybody loves to post pictures of their dogs because they’re cute and people like to look at dogs and that’s really good customer service a really good customer interaction and everybody who posts their picture I will always comment back and say what a gorgeous dog and I thank you so much for posting your entry has been entered into our competition and people see that they see it’s a proper brand talking to people like human beings you sign off every comment with your name it’s a good interaction and every time somebody sees that then you’re just going to come across as a more authentic trustworthy and established brand moving on to point number three then we have provide value to your customers so when somebody comes when somebody sees your ad then it’s natural for them to go into your Facebook page and to kind of do dig a little bit deeper and see if you’re trustworthy see what you’re all about and see whether that they will actually trust you to spend their money or not and if they just go scroll down your newsfeed and look at the kind of things you’re posting and it’s just buy this buy this buy this buy this then you’re not providing any value to your customer and in effect they’re not going to trust you so much and they probably won’t buy from you so a good example of this then is essentially what I’m doing right now so I record these videos for you guys and hopefully provide value to you it’s all for free as well

So if you’re in a dog niche for example you could post say the top 10 dog walks in certain areas and the more you provide value for people the more they’re gonna respect you and the better relationship you’re gonna have with them and that’s going to increase your overall chances of them coming back and actually making a purchase and even better yet telling somebody else about you as well word-of-mouth can be a powerful thing with certain niches that people who like to cycle every single day or three times a week the chances are they’ve got maybe half a dozen friends that do the same thing so don’t underestimate word-of-mouth even though social media is probably like the most powerful I pretty much thing in the world if you like just don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth so number three then is providing value to your customers so once that one way like to do this then is create a blog and just once a week it doesn’t take long maybe half an hour maybe an hour max just come up with something that your customers will find useful and just post a link to it on your Facebook page now if you’re going into a new niche you’ve got a new Facebook page I recommend writing at least six different blog posts and posting them on your page when people come across they don’t just see that someone so change your profile picture or so-and-so updated their opening hours or whatever it is make sure it’s actually something on there I’ll value that people will want to engage with another thing that’s really simple and easy to do is simply post memes so on a majority of my facebook pages I’ll post just like well the dog Nisha I’m in it would just be like a dog with a croc on his head and it just says happy Monday and when people see that they laugh at it because it’s a dog being stupid it says happy Monday it’s relevant to the day and people want their friends to see that so loads of people were tagged at loads of people liked it and the more interactions and engagement you can get in you can get through your Facebook page it’s just going to pay off number four then is a very very big one

I look at nowadays a lot of people message me asked me to look at their stores and they look a bit just kind of like mishmash if that makes sense they’re not branded they don’t have a theme they don’t have a mission statement they don’t have a vision nothing that they can share with their customers it’s going to resonate with them it’s just simply buy this product it’s really cheap and it’s really good whereas nowadays that just isn’t going to cut it because there’s just too many people doing that same thing if you want to succeed in this business you have to do the same as everybody else but you have to do it even better one weight and a good example of this end is if you take naik or Nike if you’re American if you just watch their ads when they’re on TV when they’re on Facebook no matter what products they’re selling not once do they talk about the product they don’t ever turn around and say buy these trainers because they’re the soul is made out of some sort of special rubber and the materials let your feet breathe they just don’t talk about the product at all they talk about kind of like the mission statement and the following and the movement that they’re creating and their things people have achieved using their products because ultimately that’s what people are buying into the same as Jim shark Jim strap don’t talk about how good their clothing is they talk about the things that people have achieved the kind of athletes that use their clothes because it’s a movement more than anything that people want to buy into and want to be part of because it’s the sort of thing that make people feel good about themselves it motivates them to do something good for in their life and if you can build a brand then and a following around your product and your movement it doesn’t matter who comes into the market even if they undercut you by like 50 percent people will still buy your product over somebody else’s like a pair of night trainers now but the latest ones is upwards of a hundred pound you can go into any Sports direct shot and buy a pair of Reeboks or I don’t know I’m not really into trainers but and spend like 15 20 maybe 30 40 quid but people don’t people want naik ones because it’s the kind of brand and vision that they want to be part of so number four then is building a brand and this is kind of the reason why whenever I talk to people on the one-to-one cause I always say why are you getting into dropshipping do you just want to make some quick money then get out or do you want to build something long-term and substantial because if you do then go into a space that you are passionate about so when it comes to things up in a blog providing value to your customers having an interest in what your customers are doing if you think about companies like blend yet Mike pretty much like any brand within that space if you go into their web sites they’ll give things away for free so it comes back to the previous point which is value that they’ll provide certain recipes if you go in their Instagram pages or certain exercise plans that they give away for free because value will always trump anything else just believe me of that so number four then is Brandon have a clear mission statement and vision be like Knight number five then the final point I want to mention in this blog because I’ve probably been talking for like 20 minutes now is be professional now it might seem like a bit of a rubbish point but it applies to more people than you realize the amount of stores I look at and Facebook pages that don’t give across the right opinion or the correct impression that would encourage somebody to spend 20 30 40 dollars with you nowadays people are becoming more and more savvy against scammers and things like that on the internet and the slightest thing that doesn’t look right on your store or your Facebook page will put someone off because the chances are they’ll be able to source your product elsewhere and if you give them the tiniest reason to go elsewhere they will it can be something just stupid like the layout of your store or if the font just doesn’t look very good then it can lead them not to trust you you must must must have a really professional slick and good-looking store and the easiest way to do this then is pay for a theme you can get a pretty decent theme for like $100 now I’m not saying it’s necessary I’m just saying that it’s going to put you at a better advantage than the majority of other Shopify stores out there so number five they don’t underestimate this be professional have a social media page on every platform make sure that the profile picture is the same you could have like a motto or saying like Nikes obsolete just do it so when people go on platform whatever it is they see your they see your motto or your saying so that resonates with them in their mind so every time they see your logo and you’re Brent and that’s the thing that comes to mind and it’s all just about building an impression about your customer and if you don’t have a professional-looking still unprofessional can social media pages then you’re just not going to cut it and people aren’t going to trust you ultimately that’s what it comes down to them why should somebody buy from you the number one thing is they must trust you so obviously make sure you offer paypal make sure your store looks good make sure your facebook ads are relative to the kind of products you’re selling if you’re selling like really high-quality jewelry and you’ve got like a really slick and expensive and luxurious looking store then don’t put ton of spammy emojis in your ad copy because the two and two just don’t go together it’s all about building a brand and that everything works in unison to create that the same kind of look

Hopefully, this article was helpful in showing you some of the things that you should be avodidng whilst doing dropshipping in 2021. If you are interested in an amazing dropshipping product that is just coming out, we have a great article written on kibo code quantum, you can give it a look “here“, and if you want to go through some interesting facts about dropshipping ioscm has a great article on it, “here” is the link

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