Is Dropshipping Easy Or Not Easy?

The worst and the best way to answer this questions is ” it depends”,so point number one then guys is false expectations it is false expectations and I 100% put this purely down to social media because it’s so easy for people to create a false representation of their lives or or the kind of … Read more

Tips For Success In Dropshipping

these three tips and I kind of like the three most common things that are people struggling with right now now Before we jump in to point number one though I just want to quickly mention as always then in every single video I am giving away a free one to one consultation call with … Read more

Avoid These Things In 2021 (Dropshipping)

I want to talk to you about drop shipping and the fact that it’s getting more and more difficult for a couple of reasons really but mainly because the actual competition amount of people actually searching for drop shipping and actually doing drop shipping is increasing and the same can be said for Facebook ads … Read more

7 Reasons People Fail at Dropshipping

in this one then I want to show you the 7 biggest reasons why I see beginners failing at dropshipping since I started posting blogs then about Shopify and dropship and Facebook ads etc on YouTube I get to talk to quite a lot of people on a daily basis about what they’re currently doing … Read more

Avoid Getting Sued When Dropshipping

In this one we’re going to be talking about how to avoid getting sued on Shopify so as somebody who’s been drop shipping now for over three years I know a thing or two about getting sued and the sorts of things you can do to protect yourself from lawsuits so what kind of images … Read more

Starting A Shopify Business In 2021

in this blog i want to talk to you about stan a shopify business in 2021 so whether that’s a drop shipping business whether that’s print on demand or whether you’re going to be importing some products in bulk times have changed due to the coronavirus things are definitely different to what they were say … Read more

Is Shopify Dropshipping Actually Difficult?

i like to do a blog on this particular topic because i feel like it’s important um especially for those beginners out there who have perhaps tried dropshipping or tried ecommerce and they’re struggling and not quite seeing the results they hoped for so i’d like to do a video like this one to kind … Read more

Do Winning Products Actually Exist?

in this blog i just want to kind of clear up exactly what winning products are do they actually exist um because i feel like sometimes people have kind of false expectations about certain products because of the way they’re described and i guess ultimately i want to just make everything crystal clear to you … Read more

Mistakes To Avoid With Facebook Ads

today we’re going to go through the three most common mistakes made with facebook ads especially beginners because when you first get started Facebook ads is like a minefield it’s pretty overwhelming there’s so many different things to kind of take in and even when you do kind of get a sense or feel like … Read more