Coronavirus And Shopify Dropshipping

so today we’re gonna be looking at different ways in which we can adapt so we can try to continue to operate as normal as possible now obviously unless you’re doing UK to UK us to us and it’s gonna be pretty impossible to operate completely normally even then so for example in unfortunate enough to work with the UK fulfillment center but due to the current climate at the current situation people’s buying habits people’s buying moods are completely different they’re buying completely different products so that’s going to be one of the things we’re looking at in this blog are the types of niches types of products that even though ecommerce as a whole may be down then certain niches are absolutely booming at the moment and then the next kind of biggest issue that I want to address in this blog is shipping

however there are current delay so we’re also gonna be looking at different kind of shipping methods to see if there is any other way in which we can get our goods shipped quicker to the UK now despite the current climate despite the current problems or issues that we have throughout different workarounds and there are still opportunities to be had if you ask me a couple of those then just kind of mentioned those quickly it’s number one is digital marketing so social media marketing Google ads just to name a few we’ve all seen it

Facebook groups saying that they’re not going to run any more ads so gonna switch their Facebook ads off they’re gonna switch their Shopify store off and just wait for this all to blow over and essentially what that does is it opens up opportunities Facebook ads for example then be in a bidding platform essentially you’ve got to think of it as like eBay for but for impressions and the less people that are out bidding for that impression then the cheaper they were coming essentially what that translates into then are cheaper CPMs and because ads are so cheap at the moment then we need to find other products in which we can sell and drop shipping is not the only online business in which you can make money from so that’s gonna be kind of like the third topic in which we look at in this blog which I’ll put at the end so for all those people watching this it don’t feel safe or they don’t really feel comfortable running a drop shipping business right now we’ll also be looking at different opportunities different things we can do to still make money online so I’ll be selling different types of products and where we can source those products from – as well with that being said then I want to start the blog off by talking about shipping methods I’ll put some screenshots up on the screen so you can see I’ve been talking to a few different suppliers and all of them say that a packet are okay to use well they’re saying they can still use it the delivery will still arrive and what you have to remember as well on Aliexpress is that if your product doesn’t arrive in the quoted delivery times then you can actually claim your money back from that supplier for the whole entire order so if they wouldn’t be saying that if they didn’t believe the products weren’t arrived within that time frame the second thing being to as well is when you do speak to your suppliers you do kind of have to take it with a pinch of salt because obviously their business at the end of the day if they feel like you need to buy something they’re not going to send you away to somebody else they’re going to do what they can or they’re going to tell you what you want to hear basically so the best advice I can give you on that is that always run a test purchase to yourself put your own home address in order the products that you’re planning on sourcing that you’re planning on drop shipping so you can see exactly how fast it’s going to get to you I wouldn’t take anybody’s word for it either I won’t take my word I wouldn’t take another youtubers word or any kind of Facebook group the best thing you can always do is test it for yourself one thing I will say is well I’ll put screenshot upward and there is that I spoke to a supplier and they were honest enough to come back and say that a packet was slow at the moment now they quoted five days so it’s probably or realistically gonna be a bit more than this but again this is something you need to test now in terms of whether it’ll be a massive deal with your customers I’m yet to experience this on what yet to test it myself to be honest with the current situation I think most people will probably accept a bit of a delay but obviously this is going to be a case-by-case basis depending on who your customer is in terms of different shipping methods that we can use there is one that I’m currently testing at the moment I’ve placed about half different orders using this particular shipping method it is called special line why w YW standing for the company that does the fulfillment in their quarry and when now to tell you the truth these orders haven’t been delivered in the UK yet so I can’t give you like a realistic or honest opinion on how reliable or how fast the shipping method is but what I will do is once they are delivered I will do an update on YouTube and Instagram etc so it’s called special line the other thing is well the only potential issue with this shipping method is the fact that not many supplies currently offer it on Aliexpress there isn’t many supplies I could find out for in it so the thing that you have to do is get in touch with your supplier and ask them specifically if it is a shipping method that they can offer and if they can ask them to add it to their list of shipping options now we actually discovered this shipping method a few months ago I believe it was September October time it was a friend that in fact put me on to it and he said he was using an agent in China that was using special line and he said when he did the comparisons against a packet it was actually arriving a lot faster and price wise was pretty similar too so it seemed like a win-win however being q4 I didn’t want to make those significant changes at the time so it’s only now in which I’ve actually started experimenting and testing with it so like I said as these orders start to arrive in the UK I will give you an update on how reliable is as a shipping method so with all that being said then let’s now talk conversion rates different niches and where the opportunities currently lies so obviously due to the current situation the way the UK is certainly going forward is that more and more people are going to be spending more and more time stuck at home so I’ve done a bit of research into different niches and taking all things considered obviously people’s buying moods are completely different they’re focusing their finances onto the things that are going to help them get through the next few months or a few weeks however long it’s going to be now I don’t think anyone truly knows realistically how long this is going to affect people so if you are looking to get into dropship and then or perhaps you’re already a drop shipper and you’re looking to kind of branch out into different niches then try and take into account the current situation and think about how people’s buying moods and habits are going to be changing the obvious or logical approach is awfully more and more people are going to be spending more time at home and this is backed up by the Google trend information which we can see on screen now so things to do at home in the UK 2004 to present we can see that this search term is the most popular it ever has been since 2004 so more and more people are looking for things to do at home and if we translate this into kind of like an e-commerce sense we’ve got to be thinking about the kind of things that people always spending money on to kind of fill that time they’re spending at home one of these things is home improvement as we can see there was another recent spike and it’s continued to stay quite high even though we’re in March if we look at the past data we can see that in February March time which is the curve time Maria now because it’s pretty high and if we look back there hasn’t been another period in which February March where this search term has spiked up like this so again this is obviously a result as the current climate that we’re living in so if you are looking for a potential nation to move into then obviously home improvement is going to be a good one to do right now another one is well which is pretty obvious and presents itself is home workouts so gyms have recently shot in the UK they shirt last week or the week before in the US so regardless of whether you sent into UK us they’re more and more people are going to be working at home working out at home unfortunately so they’re going to be looking for that type of equipment things like exercise bands dumbbells kettlebells things like that the way in which they can use at home to still get their workout in and again this is backed up by the Google trend data we can see it’s the most popular search this has been searched for the most times in March then it has been in the past 16 years so this is a niche that’s going absolutely huge that I can only see getting bigger and bigger to be honest as the week’s go on and with that being said then that leads me nicely onto the third and final part of this blog which is where we’re going to be talking about different types of products we can sell now obviously there’s issues with source and things from China at the moment and that has physical products however because we know kind of where the opportunities lie so in things to do at home like home improvement home workouts etc if we can get hold of other products in which we can sell in this niche then we’re going to be on to a win-win situation and a website in which we can do this then is called Clickbank comm and essentially what this website is is a whole list of different jobs or different promotions of digital products in which we can advertise ourselves so for example using Facebook Ads so we’re selling digital products in a niche that’s absolutely booming right now and we’re going to be selling them on a platform where CAPM so really cheap so it’s a win-win situation if for example then we were just going to stick to home workouts we can check out all the different categories on the side so health and fitness and these gonna be all the different physical and digital products in which we can sell if we so choose to however I want to focus specifically on home workouts since that is where most people are searching so if we just have a quick flip through then try and find something that’s aimed and geared towards the home workout niche super here your home workout so this sounds absolutely perfect if we take a look at the website saucily we want to make sure that we’re promoting a product that looks pretty decent that we can trust people are going to buy into we’ll have a quick flick through don’t a boy too much in the blog the fact they’ve got videos is really nice it looks really professional we’ll keep going to the bottom we’ve got an actual person talking on video to which really helps with trust etc let’s find out how much it is so it’s thirty six dollars which is pretty good price actually in terms of impulse purchases on Facebook it should be pretty easy to convert people at this price and then we’ll just double check it is a digital product it is indeed as well so that’s really good a product like this seems absolutely ideal in fact for this time of year how much can we earn then is selling this product so we’re looking at about fifteen dollars per sale that’s just going to promote so you can earn seventy-five Commission for every customer so $15 up to about twenty to twenty-five and that should be fairly easy to convert people at that using Facebook Ads typically an e-commerce I can convert people around about ten pound per purchase sometimes a bit cheaper so theory should be able to make some decent profit with this digital product.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in infomring you about how shopify dropshipping has changed due to the coronavirus. If you are interested in an amazing dropshipping product that is just coming out, we have a great article written on kibo code quantum, you can give it a look “here“, and if you want to go through some interesting facts about dropshipping ioscm has a great article on it, “here” is the link

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