Do Winning Products Actually Exist?

in this blog i just want to kind of clear up exactly what winning products are do they actually exist um because i feel like sometimes people have kind of false expectations about certain products because of the way they’re described and i guess ultimately i want to just make everything crystal clear to you guys so next time you pick your winning products per se um then you know exactly what to expect like i said you have some realistic expectations and you don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t quite sell or take off in the way he hoped it for a

i want to start off by answering the question and do winning products actually exist and i guess it’s a bit of yes and no really so first of all there’s no such thing as a guaranteed winning products there’s no product in the world um in my opinion thinking about it now and that’s gonna guarantee it will make you some money

there’s three core elements in which you have to do correctly in order to be successful now one of those elements is a winning product but then the other two think of it as like a triangle and you’ll have like your shopify store at the top you have your winning product and then you have your marketing campaign and unless you do all three of those correctly then ultimately you’re going to fail so for example then if you pick a winning product a really good product it’s really high quality it’s cheap you can ship it fast it doesn’t matter how good that product is if you’ve got a really poor and amateurish looking shopify store nobody’s going to trust your store to spend money with you they’re not going to believe the product is what you say it is and therefore they’re not going to buy from you and ultimately you’re going to fail on the other hand if you have a really professional shopify store and you have a winning product if you don’t target the right audience and get your product out there in front of the right kind of people then again your business is going to fail because you’re not going to get the customers onto your store that actually want to buy your product so think of it as like that three-point triangle the three core elements i like to call them and for your business to be successful then you have to do all three of them well and they kind of integrate with each other if you do just one of those things poorly then the whole system breaks down and your business is going to fail so this kind of leads me nicely on to my next point which is a common topic that you’ll see people do videos on on youtube is when people are getting lots of traffic but not making any sales and this can be where kind of like the winning products in those three core elements come in so if you’ve done your product research correctly you’ve found a winning product um you’ve validated that product by you’ve by the fact that you’ve seen it selling well on facebook or other platforms or other shopify stores and you’re getting lots of traffic to your store to that particular product page but it’s still not selling then if you’re 100 sure that product is a good one then the problem lies elsewhere the problem isn’t with your products the problem is probably on your shopify store like i said if you have a poor amateur shopify store no reviews no trust badges um not no legal pages no contact information telephone a physical address a contact form an email address a custom domain email address etc and then again all those things kind of build up add up following across social media and all those things kind of add up to what a trustworthy business looks like essentially so that’s probably where the problem lies going back to the topic of the blog then um to kind of summarize there’s no such thing as a guaranteed winning product the key word being guaranteed nothing is ever guaranteed in business or at least in the past where i’ve been running shopify stores now for four and a half years nothing has ever been guaranteed even you have a really good products if it’s not selling well then you have to look at other things

when you’re doing product research there’s certain kind of tools and tricks that you can use to kind of validate how successful how much of a winning product how much of a product how winning a product is or how the potential of a product basically whether it will actually sell or not so if you can validate your products and it’s still not selling the problem lies elsewhere like i said on your shopify store or probably your marketing campaign just kind of name a couple of things where i see people tripping up again this isn’t the topic of the blog but when it comes to facebook ads people go for two broader audiences they use really poor quality content for their ads it will just be an image a static image with chinese branding on

what i’m trying to say or i guess kind of like a key takeaway from this blog is just take your time it’s good to be eager in a rush you want to get things going really quickly but don’t let that sacrifice the quality of what you’re doing the quality of your shopify store the quality of the products the quality of the content you put on your socials the quality of the ad you create and the quality of your audience as well again that’s another big one that i see people going wrong is they’ll target these huge audiences from the get go of 5 10 15 million people and realistically an audience of that size is not going to be very high quality and so you’re just going to end up burning through tons and tons of facebook ad spend and not really see many results so in the beginning take your time and it’s definitely a case of quality over quantity with that being said then guys i’m going to wrap the blog up there um i know it’s shorter than usual but there’s no need to make this blog 10 or 20 minutes long um the idea is just kind of make it crystal clear exactly what a winning product is so there is no such thing then just to kind of give you a quick recap of the blog there is no such thing as a guaranteed winning product you can only find products that have that product validation.

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