Is Dropshipping Easy Or Not Easy?

The worst and the best way to answer this questions is ” it depends”,so point number one then guys is false expectations it is false expectations and I 100% put this purely down to social media because it’s so easy for people to create a false representation of their lives or or the kind of results they’ve been able to achieve and it’s easy for people to get sucked into that create a false kind of expectation in their minds that if they do certain things they’ll be able to replicate or produce the same kind of results or live the same kind of lives so one industry in my opinion where this is really bad is the fitness industry on Instagram what you don’t see then is that what goes on behind the scenes nobody shows really boring cardio that they hate doing or cooking for two to three hours a day or struggling to pay their bills each month because they’re spending so much money on supplements or on meat or food or whatever it is all you see then is that one picture that might have taken them half an hour to take but they look really good on it and they’ve posted that on that Instagram account and what people don’t realize is that when they see that picture that there’s hundreds if not thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes work that goes into taking that picture but you can’t just expect to work out for three months and then look like that Instagram model for them to get to that level in that stage has been years of different training plans diet plans hours and hours at the gym hours and hours of cooking but that’s what you don’t see on social media and that’s why it creates that false representation so when somebody does workout for two months three months even six months to get to that those sorts of levels is years and year so somebody could even work out for 12 months and they don’t get anywhere near to that level of seek that they have in their mind because they have that false expectation and ultimately that will always lead to them giving up and it’s the same on Shopify is so easy to see somebody go on YouTube and see the kind of results or in facebook groups and see screenshots and get bought into this false expectation the typical results when it comes to drop shipping it’s being able to quit your job in three months because you make X amount of money when in reality that just isn’t a case now I’m not saying that it isn’t possible because it is there’s always going to be that more new percentage of people that get lucky essentially and they are able to produce those results but again typically what you don’t see is that when somebody has that level of results then what’s gone into that is years of research years of trial and error thousands and thousands of pounds spent on Facebook ads thousands and thousands of pounds down the drain hundreds of different products probably in some cases and before they reach that level of success that you want to achieve so what I’m trying to say then is that drop shipping is probably a lot more difficult than what you realize it to be because of what you’ve seen on social media at the end of the day drop shipping is a business you’re running your own business and when it comes to running your own business it is a very very difficult thing to do and it’s also a very stressful thing to do as well I haven’t spoken about stress before on my channel but trust me the stresses that come we’ve run in your own business is like nothing I’ve ever encountered before there’s been nights where I’ve laid in bed for like seven eight hours and it’s become light again outside just purely because I haven’t been able to sleep I’ve just been constantly thinking and worrying about certain things that sometimes are out of your control so to give you an example then of just a quick story I’m going a bit off topic here but the second product that I decided to import in bulk was it just completely flew off the shelves and I couldn’t keep up with orders so what I did then was I kind of took a massive gamble and rather than putting it out of stock on my store I let I continue to advertise it I continued to let people buy it on the hopes then on the premise that my supplier would be able to manufacture them and get basically a new batch of products delivered to me in time now fair play to them they actually got the manufactured really quickly they sent me the tracking code they went to UPS and I pay for a really expensive delivery service through ups but it’s two to three working days from Ning High in China delivered to my door in two or three days and it cost me something like three four hundred dollars but trust me it was worth it because the rate in which these products were selling and 100 percent then it was cost-effective to do so so anyway I kept sending out these products and it takes about three weeks from me placing an order for them to be delivered to my door and over the course of about two weeks in which the manufacturer was making them I saw about 30 grand of stock so they were 30 grand of orders in which I had no stock to fulfill now I don’t recommend anybody do this it was a massive massive risk that I took purely because I was making so much money I wanted to capitalize and the idea of switching off my ads and not selling that product and losing out on thousands of pounds worth of orders was just something I didn’t want to do but anyway the supply got them shipped in pretty good time I had the tracking code I was watching them day by day coming to my door and I thought all was good nothing to worry about but then disaster struck so they were coming in five boxes total and I think it was two or three boxes arrived first so all five should arrive to get but only two or three arrived I’ll try and dig out the pictures actually and put them on the screen now so you can see it over two or three boxes arrived and they had rips in so massive rips you’ll see in the pictures and they were like half full so half the stock was missing to begin with so you can imagine at this point I was pretty stressed and with Chinese suppliers I didn’t have a phone number so it was just trying to message them on WeChat and at the end of the day it wasn’t really their fault if GPS in fact it wasn’t UPS sorry it was TNT he was at the time TNT got hacked and they were having huge problems with their computer systems because when I rang them up to find out where the other two boxes were they couldn’t tell me that they literally had no idea because their computer systems were in such trouble so that day I was shipping out the orders that I had the stock that I had I kept a tally of what was missing and then I just had to wait around for these other two boxes which had something like three or four thousand units in each one so at this point I was thinking night see I was pretty worried at that point there was all kind of thoughts going through my mind at that point as well I had to v—aids to deal with all customer service and they couldn’t keep up with the inquiries and the emails just probably because there were so many customers questioning where their orders were and I didn’t know what to do and at that point I started thinking like the worst things about shutting the business down and just going back to a normal 9 to 5 where there were no stress is where at least I could sleep at night but anyway so fast forward it was 2 or 3 days later and the other two boxes showed up along with a three bin bags like huge bin bags full of the products from the first three boxes luckily somebody had gone out of their way and seen all these different products that littered throughout the back of this park tick and actually pick them all up one by one put them into a bag and because they’d seen the boxes in which they’d come from they were kind enough to bag them up and make sure that they got delivered with the other two boxes which the person on the phone Tommy liked it was pretty much a miracle because usually when stuff like that spills out obviously there’s no paperwork with it so there’s no trace of where it come from no trace of where is going – so what they tend to do is actually destroy it so the fact that that actually managed to show up I was you can imagine I was really really grateful for that all the orders were able to get fulfilled and I actually ended up placing another order I’m a week before that so before these ones even arrived I was placing another order just because of salt so many so to kind of finish the story off I’ve gone way off track here I’ve been talking way too long but hopefully enjoyed the story then expect things to go wrong at some point and it’s all gonna lie on your shoulders if there’s any problems you’re the one that’s gonna have to sort out any stresses anything like that it’s gonna be on your shoulders so to run your own business then you have to have broad shoulders don’t expect it to be all just like sunshine and rainbows and living on cloud nine and tons and tons of money all the time because that’s just not the case it’s probably going to be one of the hardest things that you ever do so a good metaphor then to kind of finish off this point is the drop streaming is really difficult but you want it to be difficult because otherwise everybody would be doing it so if you compare it to say learning to drive a car the average person takes 20 to 40 hours of lessons before they pass that test so 20 to 40 hours to commit to something it’s not a long amount of time therefore there’s millions and millions of people that drive a car if it was if say for example on average you took a thousand hours to be able to learn to drive a car safely then there would be less people that drive cars poorly because of the expense of paying for lessons and because there’s more hours more and more people the longer it takes to do something then the more people that drop out and quit because they’re too lazy to commit to something to do it and drop shipping is the same you have to buy things with time so if you have a vision of where you want to be with drop shipping that’s going to cost you X amount of hours and it might cost somebody say 500 hours but it might cost you a thousand hours it costs everybody different everybody learns to drive in a different amount of hours some people twenty sometimes some people forty and drop shipping is the same except it takes a lot more hours and that’s why there’s less people that do it because there’s more hours required another point is well in fact I want to mention there’s relative to false expectations is that never ever ever come yourself to somebody else so where it might take somebody 500 hours to get to the point where they’re making profit and it might take you a thousand hours don’t ever compare yourself to anybody else don’t compare your chapter 1 against somebody’s chapter 20 because that is what its gonna demo to fight you so much and again just lead to you giving up just stay in your lane stay focused on what you’re doing and more importantly just enjoy the journey moving on to point number two thing guys I’ve got four points in total however these next to them won’t take as long as the first one so please bear with me and number two then the maze mistake I see people making is they rush in too much so people are in too much of a rush to make money it’s a good thing to want to make money in hurry but if you do it too quickly then you end up skipping corners so I’m going to put some screenshots up on the screen now I did a bit research into this topic of like how long does it take on average for a startup company to start producing a profit now depending on who you ask who you speak to then the current general consensus or average number in which I found was two years so if you haven’t been dropshipping over two years yet then and you’ve given up then you might be given up too early now this isn’t me saying that you have to be in dropshipping for two years before you make any money because that’s just not the case because dropshipping is so easy to start and get into then is possible and probably a lot easier to make money straightaway than other business models but that’s not to be mistaken with that dropshipping is an easy business model because that’s just not the case so the main thing to consider then if you’re in a rush or if you go in too quickly is just take a step back and make sure that you’re ready before you start making money on ads so by far the biggest expense in your business is going to be Facebook ads so just make sure that everything you’ve got everything ready before you start spending money on it so number one then is that get feedback on your Shopify store on your dropship installed before you start spending money on Facebook ads because it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on ads if you’ve got a poor store nobody will buy from you so just make sure you get some feedback from it whether it’s your friends and family try and get somebody like outside of your friendship group or outside of your family to give you feedback because ultimately you want honesty banks like it I could paint like the worst picture in the world and show my mum it and she’ll probably turn around and say that’s really good so she’s gonna give me a false feedback or like not a true she’s not gonna give me true helpful criticism because of my son so try and get somebody who will speak honestly to you next thing then is that make sure you’re ready in terms of when you go to Facebook Ads so if you’re running short on budget and you think like damn I need start running Facebook ad talk and bring some money in the door then what I recommend you do is actually not run Facebook card to try and save up a bit more money and actually spend money that’s going to make it easier for you to make money so if you haven’t already then spend that $100 on a really professional Facebook ad like buy the products that you’re set in get it shipped to a video ographers at on Fiverr and use that as your ad because that will make a huge huge difference another thing I want you guys to do before you start making money spending money on Facebook ads is that put some content on your social media pages the other day I looked at somebody somebody’s store and they’d spent something like six seven hundred dollars on Facebook Ads but then I went on their Facebook page and the last post on their Facebook page was it was the page name and then changed their profile picture and it would the post was literally them updating their profile picture and so somebody coming onto that page like it just it doesn’t look very professional it doesn’t give the impression of an established business and it’s gonna put people off so just make sure that you’ve got some decent content on your page like everything is filled out are the info the website link the contact details who you are what you’re selling and interest ports a half a dozen posts it won’t take long to create them but just offer up some value to people who come onto your page because that will speak volumes for you and your brand and ultimately then guys just create something that looks professional like a proper business and stands out from the from any other ecommerce store any other dropship in your Shopify store drop shipping is getting more and more competitive you have to step up your game if you’re going to be successful at this if you ask doing the bare minimum the bare minimum I was in an abandon among time the bare minimum money then you can only expect to produce like results in terms of the bottom of the pile it ultimately comes down to who’s doing it better so unless you are putting in more hours than everyone else and more money than everyone else how can you expect to achieve better result so that’s basically just summarizing number two is that treat you like a business and be professional about what you’re doing number three then is budgeting so again another huge mistake I see people making is that when typical businesses get started they’ll get started with X amount of money and then that’s how much money they’ll have before they have to reinvest more or before they start seeing a return but basically they have a budget to work to and it’s really important that you do this because when it comes to marketing as well especially if you don’t have a budget then it’s really easy to be three months down the line two grand in AD spin and seen nothing in return whereas if from the very beginning you’d set yourself say a budget of $500 then it will force you to budget and spend that money more wisely and if you run out of money then it gives you like a check point it gives you a reason to stop advertising take a step back look at where things have gone wrong do a bit more research before you go again so it’s a quick short route point but trust me it will end up saving you a lot of money and it’ll produce better results in a long term and number three then is have a budget the fourth and final point in guys is have a vision and I made this mistake when I first started because I didn’t have a clue where I wanted the business to be in 12 months time let alone 24 months or 36 months or now nearly four years down the line and because I kind of naturally progressed into sourcing products in bulk then the business for me soon turned into something that I didn’t want it to be so the reason I got involved in dropship and then is I love the idea of running a business from a computer and an internet connection and not needing anything else however because I got greedy and I wanted to make more money and I wanted to capitalize on Christmastime then I started to import products in bulk and all of a sudden then I’ve got like five to ten thousand units of product in and around my house and if I wanted to say go away for a weekend go away for a week I had to put things in place to make sure the orders still went out because I couldn’t just leave my business alone and I couldn’t fulfill orders if I was in a different country so it kind of grounded me and the business turned into something quite quickly that I didn’t want it to be and because I didn’t have that vision and I didn’t plan out where I wanted the business to go it turned into something that I no longer was enjoying anymore so it kind of forced me to spend more money than I would have had to so had to put temporary measures into place until I could come up with some sort of plan whereas if it’s seen this coming then I had the vision and I knew where the business was going I could have spent a lot more time say looking for a fulfillment center I’m working with different Chinese suppliers and prototyping different samples I could have spent a lot more time looking for different staff and perhaps got better staff actually priced cheaper fulfillment centers whereas because everything kind of happened so quickly then it kind of forced me to just put temporary measures into place which worked out more expensive it meant I won’t enjoying the business and work as much either because that’s not why I got into it in the first place so what I’m basically trying to say then is that just make sure you have a vision of what you’re doing what you’re trying to achieve and ultimately what you want it to do for you and the way I like to think of things then is what kind of lifestyle do you want to live and will this business produce the kind of lifestyle that you want and that’s how I’m gonna finish off the blog

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