Starting A Shopify Business In 2021

in this blog i want to talk to you about stan a shopify business in 2021 so whether that’s a drop shipping business whether that’s print on demand or whether you’re going to be importing some products in bulk times have changed due to the coronavirus things are definitely different to what they were say 12 months ago so in this blog i want to take you through three really key kind of important points you need to consider that you need to know about if you’re going to be starting a shopify business in the next few months before jumping to the first point though

let’s jump straight into point number one so point number one um is before you start your business you need to decide your goals a lot of people get into drop shipping um for the wrong reasons i think they watch a few videos on youtube or perhaps see some screenshots i’m in a facebook group and think this is a really easy way to make money it’s a business at the end of the day so before you get into it you need to know that number one it’s going to be hard work number two it’s definitely not an easy way to make money and number three it’s definitely not for everyone either and what you need to do is picture the kind of lifestyle you want to live if drop shipping gives you that lifestyle um then by all means go for it because last thing you want to do is get a year down the line two years down the line i think this just isn’t for me and i think a lot of people do that for jobs um or at least i did anyway um i didn’t really care what the job was i was always looking at how much money it was and then six months in it just the money wouldn’t be worth it because i had this lights the job so much so just picture the kind of lifestyle you want to live how much free time where do you want to work from um and then reverse engineer it does drop shipping does e-commerce printer demand whatever it is you decide to do or which one of those if you like um actually suits that lifestyle you want to live will it earn you enough money will it give you enough free time and so on when it comes to the actual type of business then that you want to start then there’s typically two routes in which people go down um number one is probably the most popular one which is just trying to sell those trending products everybody wants to see results really quickly which is great um and to do that in my opinion there’s no better way to do it than sell trending products products that are in demand from day one because if a product is in demand today then obviously you can start making sales today assuming you’ve done everything else correctly as well the downside to doing this is trending products are called training products for a reason they’re not popular throughout the entire year which means when it comes to testing products depending on how you choose to do that whether it’s google or facebook um you need to be really good at that because you need to be on top of finding those products and getting ahead of the game knowing which products are going to come into season which products are going to come into trend and then be able to build out your pixel and your facebook campaigns in time for those times obviously so you can capitalize on it the second way is if you want to start building a brand so results sometimes when you build a brand can come a bit more slowly because building a brand is expensive it takes time unless you can afford to pay a huge influencer and to come on board and start advertising and promoting your products and then obviously you have to build that brand slowly over time by building your following on socials by posting content every single day it can be done and there are many advantages to it so for example if you had say a million followers on facebook a million followers on instagram then you wouldn’t have to spend much on advertising because you’d have such a large following anyway to reach a huge amount of people you could just simply post um on your socials i won’t get into it too much

perhaps on the two different types of e-commerce businesses you can start you can have the trend in one um or you can start building a brand if you want a blog on that kind of subject just let me know in the comment section point number two is suppliers so because of the coronavirus nowadays it’s much more important or much more vital that you do your research and do your kind of vetting of a supplier before you go ahead and use them so 12 months ago to be honest i didn’t use to sample my products very often especially if it was kind of like the beginner stages as long as a business had been in business um i say a supplier had been in business for um over 12 months and they had good reviews i would just simply go ahead put it on my store and start um just i’ll be on my way if you like whereas nowadays because the reputation the reviews the time they’ve been in business today is built off the back pre-corona virus so what you have to be careful of is even though a supplier may have good reviews they may not necessarily be giving you the same service and same quality of product today same quality of product today so what you need to do basically is just vet your supplier and make sure you do actually test on the product itself and when i say test i mean order a couple of products to a couple of different addresses in the uk if you can whether you get one delivered to yourself and one delivered to work perhaps or one delivered to your parents house or a family members just so that you can check a couple of different things really number one is how long delivery is going to take and number two the biggest thing for me over the last few months has been the quality of the products as well um because of the coronavis and because of being short staffed and increased demand coming into q4 then what i’ve found is some of the products have lacked in quality probably because factories have been short staffed with increasing demand so they’ve probably been rushing things here and there may be skipping corners or whatever it is so the quality is suffered some time so basically so just make sure you do your research into a supplier you place a couple of test orders and just make sure that you get given the service in which you would be happy giving to your customers as well if you’re happy with the service any customers are going to be too one thing i want to add to that then when it comes to suppliers and comes through logistics and reliability and delivery times and things like that um is perhaps invest in a bulk quantity of products now a lot of people don’t know this but and there’s been a few times in which i’ve ordered from my suppliers on aliexpress 50 units at a time five zero it’s not a big quantity you will have to pay vat and duty on that of course when you get it imported but get in contact with your supplier ask them for a price for 50 units because 50 units obviously it’s going to depend on what the product is um but it shouldn’t take up much space you could even put it in your own bedroom if you’re working out of your bedroom you could put it in your garage of a certain product and it’s not going to be a huge financial outlay either worst case scenario you could just stick them on ebay to get rid of them if they don’t sell but it’s one kind of little way around potential delivery issues um if we go into another lockdown or depending on what happens in the future the third and final point then something i’ve spoken about in many videos before but something i still see repeatedly happening is quality and professionalism is lacking severely not just in people’s products but more so in their shopify stores um or in their ad creatives so as we move forwards as we advertise more on facebook facebook is getting busier and busier it’s getting more competitive i’m not gonna lie um cpms today versus four years ago are a lot more expensive some people see this as you can’t make money on facebook which is absolutely rubbish um the only difference being is you have to up your game the quality of what you put out in terms of your products in terms of your ad creative in terms of your store just has to be higher the world is becoming a smaller place and when i say smaller i don’t mean physically in size obviously i just mean in terms of availability so it’s giving me examples so back in my parents generation before the internet existed then obviously anything they bought would obviously be would always be sorry in the local town or their local city because they wanted to avoid traveling as far as possible to to get something so when you opened a shop if you wanted to open a local shop and sell something your only competition would be in the same town or country because people won’t travel much further than that to buy something whereas when the internet came in when logistics and delivery processes and things like that improved considerably um so for example drop shipping wise you can source them from china now and ship it to the uk and get it delivered in the space for a week or two you just couldn’t do that um say 15 20 years ago it’s made the whole world a lot smaller in terms of how fast you can source things so my competition for example isn’t just in the town i live in it isn’t even just in the country i live in

we could essentially compete for the same product we could compete for the same audience on facebook so essentially the more competition there is for something then the higher the standards have to be um if you go abroad and you look for a restaurant to eat out in find a restaurant that is on a strip with a dozen other restaurants because unless their quality of food is really high and their prices are cheap then they won’t do well enough they won’t get the custom to stay in business so the more competition there is the more businesses have to compete the more quality the product is they have to produce the better prices they have to sell it for in order to survive and it’s the same with any business it’s the same with e-commerce if you’re going to survive nowadays and do well then you just have to be better than everybody else so if you have a shopify store right now and there’s no telephone number there’s no physical address there’s no contact form there’s no custom domain email address there’s pixelated images there’s chinese branding there’s no product descriptions

Hopefully, this article was helpful in showing you some of the facebook ads’ mistakes you can avoid. If you are interested in an amazing dropshipping product that is just coming out, we have a great article written on kibo code quantum, you can give it a look “here“, and if you want to go through some interesting facts about dropshipping ioscm has a great article on it, “here” is the link

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