Tips For Success In Dropshipping

these three tips and I kind of like the three most common things that are people struggling with right now now Before we jump in to point number one though I just want to quickly mention as always then in every single video I am giving away a free one to one consultation call with me so if that’s something that you might want to win then all you have to do is simply leave a like on this video and leave a comment down below as well and if you come to the my previous video then just make sure you stay tuned to the end of this one where the winner will be announced I just want to quickly mention as well it’s that I am uploading a video or at least I plan to right now I’m uploading a video every single day in June and therefore I’ll be giving away 30 free consultation calls just in June and with that being said then let’s jump straight into point number one so point number one then guys forgive me if I keep looking down I’m working from some notes on my phone just to make sure don’t forget to mention anything anyway point number one is that don’t pick products don’t pick products based on your own judgement so if you’re new and anything you’re judgment towards what a good product is going to be it’s a skill basically so if you’re new to e-commerce then you’re not going to be very good at picking what winning products are time and time again I speak to people and we talk about different products and the reason don’t they don’t pick certain products is because they’ll just simply look at it and think that’s not a good product and it’s not going to sell but if you’re new to EECOM you’re new to marketing especially on facebook then your skill and your ability to choose products that you think are going to sell really well isn’t going to be very good so you have to base your decisions as a beginner on evidence so I’m just going to give you a couple more points now in terms of where you can find that evidence and what kind of things you need to base that judgment on before you advertise the products and just to kind of illustrate this in a real-life situation I’ll put a screenshot up now of a particular product that when I first saw it it just completely glaze straight past it because I thought it’s such an ugly product there’s no way anybody’s going to buy that but then it actually turned out to be one of my best sellers now put an image up now and I want you guys to leave a comment down below then to whether you think that would be a good product or not so anyway in terms of picking products and what do you base your decision on when you see a product you need stone cold evidence so that you know for a fact they actually sell incorrectly not just based on your judgment not so you’ve just looked at it I think yeah that’s a good product I’m going to put a ton of ad spend into it you need to base it on evidence so it’s a few different ways in which you can go about gathering that evidence number one you can look at the total daily orders on Aliexpress so if you’ve got the drop shipping Center on Aliexpress everybody has access to it if you simply google it you can find a link that will take you directly to it where you activate it and you can put a product’s URL then into the drop shipping Center and it’s going to tell you the daily orders for the past week and a sign then of a good solid strong products that’s selling consistently if you want but it’s somewhere around the country like 3% mark so if a product has a thousand total orders then a sign of a really strong selling products right now would be a product that has 3% over a thousand orders which works out at about 30 orders a day I think if I’ve done the math correctly and that’s kind of about what you want to base your judgment on whatever products you come across look at the daily orders and if it’s around that 3 percent mark and that shows there’s a really strong demand for that product right now another thing you can do as well is find ads on Facebook so go to the Facebook ad library it’s recently just been updated to be a hell of a lot more useful than it used to be in the past so make sure you check that out simple google search for it and you’ll come straight across it and the other way is this isn’t plea to use the Facebook search bar put the product in followed by get yours or buy here and you’ll find a ton of different videos probably relate to the exact same product and you want to go into the videos that have the most views look at the comments try and find the videos that have the most comments and look at what people are saying about the product is there good feedback about it is there bad feedback about it our people tagging their friends saying you need this our people saying they want it themselves our people even better our people even saying they have bought it and they like the products because again there’s stone-cold evidence there that people are actually buying that product and it’s in demand and in the third and final way in which you can find evidence about a certain product is go to the exchange marketplace comm where people sell their Shopify stores find Shopify stores that aren’t private listings so listings actually show the URL of the store go to the store use certain Chrome extensions not commerce inspector go straight to their best sellers and if a store then has over a million dollars in revenue and you go to their best sellers page then look at the best selling products they have all got to be really good products that are selling well and have a demand and if they’re revenue if they’re still selling today Shopify will give you this information by the way they’ll tell you what their past revenue is month by month and if they’re still doing say 50 grand a month 100 grand a month and these are their best selling products then the chances are there that’s stone-cold evidence that those products are selling really well right now you can also go into their Facebook page as well look at the kind of posts what products are they posting about which ones have the most views if you go into a Facebook page then go to videos it will tell you which one has the views as well so whichever videos have the most views then they’re the ones that the part that the page is investing adspend into and pushing so they’re going to be the ones that have that stone cold evidence again you can look at the comments there’s loads and loads of different ways you can go about it but I guess the kind of summarized point one is that don’t look at the product and make a judgement on it on based on your own opinion make sure you look at the evidence number two then is a very very very very important point because it can save you hundreds if not thousands and thousands of pounds or dollars whatever you’re advertising in basically and that is get feedback on your store before you even spend a single penny on Facebook Ads because it doesn’t matter how good your ad or how good your product is if you have a poor Shopify store nobody’s gonna buy your products there is no point in the world in driving traffic to your store if it’s not ready if it doesn’t look professional if it’s got dodgy color schemes if it got dodgy fonts if it’s got Chinese Brendon all over the place make sure you get as much feedback as possible on your store before you start driving traffic and trust me it will save you a ton of money and there’s a few ways you can go about gathering this feedback then you can go into Facebook groups and as long as it’s okay with the moderators the group that I run there’s a link in the video description down below then people then feel free to post your store link in there and people actually really active on average in fact you’re looking at probably 10 different people giving you feedback to your store which is really valuable information it’s gonna help you improve your store and essentially save you money it’s a free way that will 100% save you money if you have a poor store I can’t emphasize this enough I see it so many times I’ve spoken to people who have spent hundreds of dollars on ads if not thousands and I look at their store and it just looks so amateurish as actual spelling mistakes or layout issues or the other day I saw somebody store and their main product image still had the Chinese logo water marked on it I just thought you’ve spent all this money on ads but as soon as somebody sees that it’s gonna put them off straight away you need to have a good decent looking professional and even more important trustworthy looking store I can’t emphasize this enough get as much feedback as possible on your store so go into Facebook groups send your link to me I’m more than happy to spend a minute two minutes writing out a couple of points that you need to improve on your store and for example get rid of the tax notes on product pages because I do get so many requests that I can’t give you a ton of detail if you want it to pay for a lot of people pay for 10-minute consultations but instead of actually speaking one-to-one I’ll just record like a video review of their store so if you want me to do that by all means but if you haven’t got the money to spend on that then by all means just send me your store link and I’ll give you one or two points to work on so yeah number two then is get feedback on your store before you start spending money on Facebook ads so once you’ve got some feedback on your store then and your more than happy with it then you’re going to start marketing you’re gonna move into Facebook coach which leads us on to point number three which is keep it simple when it comes to Facebook Facebook as a marketing platform is the best in my opinion but it’s probably Alma also the most complicated as well so when you’re first starting out you need to keep it as simple as possible and I mean this in all respects as well so number one you need to structure your ad manager logically the amount of people have seen inside that a manager accounts and they haven’t named that ad sets they haven’t named their campaigns they’ve got 50 different campaigns 200 different ad sets and they just can’t keep track that’s just too much work for them to do so you need to structure things logically so make sure that you can keep track of what’s going on because a huge huge huge thing with Facebook ads is being able to make comparisons of the data and they need to be fair comparison so you can’t for example then you can’t compare a look-alike and set against an interest-based ads app because they’re two completely different audiences you’ve got one that Facebook have created and then you’ve got one that you’ve created so they need to be like for like comparison so you need to have a campaign per product a campaign per type of audience so if your son in a mug for instance then you could have mug and then look like audiences have all your look-alike ad sets within that campaign therefore you’re only compare and look like audiences against other look-alike audiences therefore you can make a fair comparisons and you’ll know what our good results are for look-alike audiences because that’s going to differ from interest targeting so you have a different campaign then for it can be the same product but it’s going to be a campaign and the audience is then it’s going to be interesting so you can compare those against each other when it comes to naming your ad sets as well you have to name them logically to what the targeting is so when it does when you have got a list of 50 different ad sets you don’t have to go into it to know what you’re targeting so you can make those initial comparisons and spot the data time time again when people duplicate ad sets they’ll just leave it as a default name and it just says the name of the base and set plus copy and if they’ve done this five or six times it’s just a ton of different ad sets it’s just really confusing and they just don’t have a clue what that ad set is actually targeting or what the goal of it is or the reason they even duplicated so make sure that you actually name your ancestors something that makes sense to you moving on then make sure that you focus on one product at a time I spoke to somebody recently who was a beginner when it comes to Facebook Ads and they were trying to advertise six different products at the same time and even today now within general stores certainly aloni ever focus on one product at a time even within niche stores is usually a very most four maybe even five products that I’m really pushing at that time to try and manage six different ones as a beginner not only will that require or quite require a ton of money it’s gonna require a ton of attention as well so unless you’ve got like a significant amount of time to dedicate to looking over the numbers and focusing on one product at a time then you just buy enough more than you can chew so just keep it simple focus on one product at a time moving on to the next point name which is also quite important is that you don’t need a ton of ad sets to make a lot of money there’s loads and loads of reasons why you shouldn’t be running a ton of different ad Cessna when it comes to testing that’s completely different when you try to just make money once you’ve done the test and say in fact once you’ve done the testing and you’ve got those ad sets that are really performing well then focus on scaling that handful of ad sets now even to this day per product or have three maybe four maybe even five really well performing ad sets and the kind of strategy that I like to adopt is try again ad set up to 500 pound per day spend and then just kind of consistently stay at around that for 3 4 maybe even 5 ad sets and if you can have that many ad sets where that kind of I spend performing really well then you probably make more money than you’ll ever need to make without having to work for somebody else if that makes sense so just focus on those select a few of ad sets for a number of reasons really number one it’s gonna be less time managing number two the more money and the more data that goes for an ad set the better it’s going to perform and that kind of leads me into my next point as well is that you need to dedicate whatever your budget is you need to dedicate it wisely because if you don’t then you just kind of pretty much just waste it and get absolutely nothing in return so for example then if you have 500 pounds to dedicate to test in a specific product then what you’re better off doing is dedicating say 20 percent of that so 100 pounds to test in say 20 different ad sets to test an ad set where I say test and assess actually testing an audience to test an audience you don’t need to spend a significant amount because essentially what you’re testing is that audience against another audience so you can test 20 different audiences $2.00 a day I’d spend look at which ones are performing the best and then with the remaining $400 of budget then you better off dedicated that into 2 maybe 3 ad says I’ve shown it before in a previous video so I’m not gonna go into crazy amounts of detail is that I’m in a dog niche and when you look at that ad sets as an overall and you look at the amount spent versus the robust versus the cost per click versus the CPM then again I’ve shown this in a previous video you can clearly see that once an ad set gets to about $150 I’d spend then that’s when the ad set starts to settle down it starts to optimize and it starts to produce efficient and consistent results so if you’ve got a $500 ad spend as a budget and you split that across 10 different ad sets so $50 per day and each ad set or $50 just put ad set over whatever time then you’re not going to give a single one of those ants S&F time to optimize and bring those results so essentially you’re spending the same amount of money but you’re gonna get absolutely nothing in return so you’re better off putting all of that budget into say 2 maybe 3 ad sets so each ad set is say spending $125 because then you’re giving it more of a chance to optimize and actually start bringing in consistent sales that’s another thing that people ask me about it’s a common theme people ask me about is that my ad set got one sale this day got to sales the next day and then absolutely nothing for three days and then the first question I asked them is how much have you spent on that ad set and very very very rarely in fact I don’t think I’ve spoken to anybody yet who said that they’ve spent more than $100 on the ad set and it’s just not enough time with Facebook what do you that you’ve got to take facebook back to essentially what it is that’s what people forget about they just got blown into Facebook ads not even considering what it is they’re doing Facebook works on past data if you’ve gone and set that has $30 of outspend versus an ad set that has 300 dollars of ad spend the one with 300 dollars of ad spend is going to have a ton more data compared to the other one therefore it’s going to perform more consistently and more efficiently so you have to give ad sets time and you have to give them budget to spend and that means something guys that concludes all the notes I wanted to go through in this video if you’re still watching them thank you very much I really appreciate everybody who watches these videos all the way through because it really helps grow the channel with fast approaching 6,000 subs which is just crazy so thank you very much to everybody who’s watching and if you did enjoy the video if you did find that one golden nugget that you didn’t know or that you really think is gonna help you then make sure you leave a comment down below just to let me know basically and with that being said guys if you’re still watching I’m assuming you enjoyed the video if you did then please do make sure you leave a like and if you want to be entered into that raffle for the one-to-one call then of course please leave your comments down below in fact if you’re still watching and you found something valuable in this video like that one golden nugget leave that as you comment down below because I want to know then what you guys are learning from these videos and with that being said then let’s get into announcing the winner of the previous video so here we having goes in the previous video in this one then I showed you three products that each made over ten thousand US dollars profit so you haven’t watched the video yet and make sure you go and check it out so anyway let’s get into announce the winner I’m just going to take the URL on the top left head over to the random comic pic I get YouTube comments we had 42 comments which is absolutely awesome so thank you very much and the winner then of the previous video is team lamb apologies if I didn’t pronounce your name right make sure you hit me off on instagram then and we can get that call arranged and guys if you want to stop trying you’re lurking you’ve been Compton 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